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Privacy Policy

Modern information and communication technologies play a more and more pronounced role in the activities of organisations like LABOSHOP. Therefore we take the protection of your privacy and your personal data, which you make available to us, very seriously. The observance of regulations of the Federal Data Protection Law is for us a matter of course. Below we inform you, which data we, e.g. LABOSHOP and its subsidiaries collect if applicable and how we deal with them.

Which personal data are collected and processed?

If you visit our websites we do not require any personal data from you. We only learn the name of your Internet Service Provider, the website, from which you are visiting us and our website, which you are visiting. Only if you use certain services personal data are collected and processed. We will indicate this in detail in the menu.
LABOSHOP collects data in very different ways depending on the type of service you use.  On principle we collect your personal data only so far as absolutely necessary. Certain LABOSHOP services for example require a registration. Thereby you will be asked about your name, your postal address as well as your email address, your date of birth and your gender and telephone number. For some of these data the disclosure is voluntarily.
But on most of the LABOSHOP websites you do not need to disclose any personal data.

For which purpose do we collect and process personal data?

Because we constantly strive to improve the range of our services as well as our websites based on your experiences in a continuous process we statistically evaluate general data. For this purpose we are interested in your personal opinion and your professional environment. For this reason we ask you at some points to give us some additional information. This information is voluntarily and is of course treated confidentially.
In case you are making use of services usually only these data are collected that are required for the provision of the service. As far as we ask you to provide further information this will be voluntarily. The processing of personal data is exclusively carried out to provide the demanded service and to protect our legitimate commercial interests.
LABOSHOP collects data if you register a LABOSHOP user account ("user account") or if you make use of services:
If you register a user account we will ask you to provide certain personal information. Thereof only these data are earmarked as required fields, which we need for the contractual relationship respectively the provision of services.
If you make use of services LABOSHOP automatically collects and stores technical information in our server logs, which are communicated by your browser. In particular these are the IP-address of your computer as well as data, which LABOSHOP archives in Cookies (see section "Cookies") and the website you have accessed.
LABOSHOP uses the collected data for the following basic purposes whereby not all data are actually used for all purposes:
We use the personal data and address in your user account (basic data) for the implementation and maintenance of the usage relationship.
We use the data about your use of individual services (usage data) for the technical processing and if required billing of these services. Thereby it might happen that for billing purposes usage data of different services are combined.
In addition we if necessary evaluate usage profiles under an alias (which cannot be combined with data on your user account) for market research and for the improvement of our services. This only applies so far as you have not exercised your legal right to object to the use of your data.
Only insofar you have explicitly agreed we will use your data also to adjust our contents including the promotions to your personal interest and/or to inform you about special offers or new products.
In most of the cases LABOSHOP requires your personal information for the processing of the respective service. Apart from the use of personal information for the provision of respective services we also collect anonymous data when our websites are visited. This information is used for marketing purposes as well as for an improvement of our services.

Are personal data circulated to third parties?

We will only circulate your personal data to a third party insofar it is absolutely necessary for the fulfilment of the requested service. Beyond it your personal data will not be disclosed, ceded, sold or otherwise marketed to other companies or institutions provided you have not given us your explicit declaration of consent. This is different if we are legally or through a court order bound to disclose and communicate respective information.
LABOSHOP does not sell or lease any user information. Insofar the transfer of your data is required for the provision of a service, this is only done with your consent. Only in exceptional cases the provision of a service is depending on the transfer of your data to one of our business partners. But in these cases you will be informed before the data are collected and you can choose if you want give your consent or rather refrain from the respective service.
Now and then we are asked by private persons to disclose the identity of our users. But on principle we disclose the personal data of our users only if we are legally bound to do so. This is the case if governmental institutions (e.g. law enforcement agencies) ask information from us or we receive a respective court order. Otherwise we will protect your privacy and identity.
LABOSHOP circulates your personal data to third parties (including other companies of the LABOSHOP group) only if:
You have given your consent to the transfer of information or if the data transfer is required for the provision or invoicing of a service, in particular if through the service you make use of goods or services of an independent partner company or if an auxiliary company requires the data for the processing of the service (such auxiliary companies are, except they are explicit informed otherwise, only insofar authorised to use the data as is necessary for the service) or if law enforcement agencies or courts request information according to respective laws for the purpose of criminal proceedings.

What are Cookies? Are they stored on my computer?

Cookies are small quantities of data in text format, which the webserver sends to your browser. They are only stored on your hard drive. They can only be read by the server that previously has stored them and they contain information about what you are looking at on the website and when. Using Cookies the Internet can be much more effective. The application of Cookies follows industry standards. Many Internet service providers are applying them to offer useful functions to their customers. Cookies only anonymously identify the IP address of the computer and do not store any personal information like your name for example. Offhand such information does not individualise a natural person so the use of Cookies is allowed.
With Cookies you have the choice if you want to allow them. Respective changes can be done in your browser preferences.
In some parts of our websites we employ Cookies. This is identifying information that allows us to personalise our offers and services for you. We do not use Cookies to collect personal data. If you want to be informed about the application of Cookies by your browser respectively to disable their application you should activate the respective browser settings.
Cookies are files that are stored on the hard drive of your computer and which are used for site navigation. You avoid the repeated entry of all required data at each new visit. Cookies facilitate the use of our services. You can prevent the storage of Cookies on your hard drive by selecting "do not accept cookies" in your browser settings. For details about this please consult the reference of your browser. If you do not accept Cookies functional restrictions of our services may occur.
As far as you have agreed to accept Cookies LABOSHOP will store collected data as Cookies on your hard drive and will retrieve them for later use.

Which technical provisions does LABOSHOP make to protect my data?

LABOSHOP works with secure data networks, which are protected with industrial standard firewalls as well as with passwords. We implement these security measures to ensure the protection against loss, alteration or misuse of your data. We try to take all organisationally and technically possible measures to protect your data.
Technical and organisational provisions are in place to protect the personal data, which you have provided, against loss, damage, manipulation and unauthorised access. All our employees and third parties, who are involved in the data processing, are committed to the Federal Data Protection Act and the confidential handling of personal information.
We reserve the right to change this declaration at any time. It does not create any contractual or otherwise formal right for or on behalf of a party.

Who is collecting my data?

Basically all your information that you give on the LABOSHOP websites is exclusively stored in LABOSHOP data bases, except you are explicitly informed otherwise.
We want to point out that LABOSHOP partners (e.g. companies, which LABOSHOP co-operates with and which generally offer independent services through LABOSHOP, companies that run adverts on LABOSHOP sites and other websites and web services that are accessible from LABOSHOP) might also collect data about you. These companies have their own privacy policies, which are independent from this declaration.

Can I influence the use of my data at LABOSHOP?

You have of course the exclusive right to decide if and for which purposes we are allowed to use your data. Additionally you alone decide whether your data are circulated to third parties or whether we are allowed to use your data for consulting, marketing and market research purposes. Also here you can of course withdraw a once given consent at any time. You can also influence the use of Cookies. By changing your browser settings (can be found mostly under "Option" or " Preferences" in the menus of your browser) you can choose if you want to accept all Cookies, if you want to be informed whenever a Cookies is placed or to reject all Cookies. If you should decide to reject our Cookies it might be possible that the quality experience of our sites is reduced and that some services will not be available. Therefore we ask your understanding.

What can I myself do to prevent that my personal data fall into the wrong hands?

If possible take care that you do not choose passwords, which can easily implicate you. Additionally we recommend that you change your passwords in regular intervals.