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Application and registration

In order to use the order function as a new customer in the LABOSHOP online shop, you first have to register. You will reach the registration form either with the link in the right navigation bar or via the "Service" features.

You have to log in before placing an order at LABOSHOP. You will reach the login window via the right navigation bar or with one of the “Shopping cart” links.

Order - the procedure ...

With three steps to your order.

1st step:
Select the “Item detail“ display of the product from the shop to be added to the shopping cart.
Enter the order quantity in the relevant box and click on the symbol of the shopping cart.
The value of goods and the number of items in the shopping cart is shown on the right top. Click on “Shopping cart” to display the content.

2nd step:
Having placed items from our shop in your personal shopping cart and after a click on the “Shopping cart” link right on top, you are already at the second step of the order process.
The products in your shopping cart are displayed. Entering the quantity in the relevant box and confirmation with the button „change“ can change order quantities. To delete an item from the shopping cart, simply klick the button “delete” next to the relevant item.
In addition, you have the possibility to directly add additional products to your order by entering the item number in the intended box. The “OK” button adds the desired product to your order and the relevant item description and the price is displayed.
Having checked your choice of items, you will reach the next step of your order with the “to the cash box” button.

3rd step:
You are now in your order summary that lists order value, delivery costs and VAT. In addition, your delivery and invoice address as well as the payment conditions are shown. Please check all data and mention the desired delivery date. After that last control, please click the “send” button and finish your order.

Fast search

With the fast search, you simply enter an arbitrary key word or an item number into the search field and click the button “search”. A list of items corresponding to your search terms will be displayed.
You will reach the product description via the link “item details“ beneath the image of the product.
If you want to add the item to your shopping cart, simply enter the order quantity in the intended field and click the shopping cart symbol.
The order value and the number of items in your shopping cart are displayed on the right top. You will reach your shopping cart by clicking the button “Shopping cart”.

Extended search

You have the possibility to search the LABOSHOP offer for item number, product range, field of application, manufacturer or an arbitrary key word. Incomplete item numbers or descriptions will also lead to a search result. Please enter the item number without prefixed hyphen and letter.