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DEKEMA trix print 3D Printer - 1 set
With DLP technology. For the 3D printing of all standard objects. Integration into the trix system. Automatic wax-up generation for simultaneous pressing of one to three blanks in the Austromat 654i. With 10.1 inch touchscreen. Housing made of aluminium, black.
  • System solution for digitising the pressing process;
  • Large touch screen with simple operating concept;
  • Automatic transfer of project-specific printing jobs;
  • 3D printing on a maximum of two trixpress base plates or on 144 x 80 mm base area with a height of up to 160 mm.
Technical data:
    40.0 x 36.0 x 54.0 cm; Digital Light Processing (DLP) printing process; construction space 144 x 80 x 160 mm (xyz); printing speed 70 mm/h, material-dependent; precision 1 µm; layer thickness per axis 0.001 mm; resolution 339 dpi; data formats STL, OBJ and PLY; interfaces USB and Ethernet; 18 kg.
Delivery includes:
    trix print complete with holder for base 144 x 80 mm; holder for printing on a trixpress base plate; tray for printing liquid; 1000 g trix Cast plastic; metal scraper, plastic scraper; side cutter; bottle for cleaning liquid; gloves; funnel sieves; cleaning cloths and trix CAM software.
 the item is available on short notice
Item number: 006.534
 13.100,00 €

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