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Renfert Easy view 3D Dental Viewer Video Microscope - 1 piece
With full HD 3D monitor and 3D polarization glasses. For inspection of objects, elaboration and quality control as well as training and documentation purposes. Head part with two cameras, LED illumination and image processor unit.
  • The 3D mode enables natural hand-eye coordination when performing delicate tasks;
  • Fatigue-free, ergonomic work possible thanks to sustained natural, healthy posture when viewing objects on the monitor;
  • High-resolution photos and video sequences can be generated in full HD quality;
  • Documentation and communication via a network or integrated USB stick;
  • Precise, safe and controlled work possible under 15x or 20x magnification;
  • Allows a perfect view of objects thanks to daylight LEDs;
  • Material-optimized image reproduction using 4 different object modes;
  • Virtually latency-free work permits handling in real time;
  • Full HD 3D monitor with 3D polarized glasses ensures sharp high-definition image reproduction;
  • Updateable software;
  • Ideally suited for training purposes and presentations through additional 2D monitors or projectors.
Technical data:
    100-240 V, 50/60 Hz; power consumption 12 W; magnification 15x/20x; video resolution 1920 x 1080; LED illumination colour temperature 5000 K; illuminance 40,000 lx; 2100 g incl. hinged arm.
Delivery includes:
    Easy view 3D complete with head with power supply unit and power cable; hinged arm with base, cable and bench clamp; monitor with power supply unit and power cable; 3D polarization glasses; USB stick; mouse; foot swithch and desk pad.
 the item is available on short notice
Item number: 016.192
 4.360,00 €

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