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VITA Vitapan Anteriors, 0M1, Form L11 - 1 set
Very abrasion-resistant anterior and posterior teeth made from the proven MRP material (microfiller reinforced polyacrylic) for demanding combined or implant-supported prosthetics. The variety of shapes comprises 31 upper anterior moulds in 4 shape groups, 13 lower anterior moulds, 6 upper and lower posterior moulds each in Cuspiform and 5 upper and lower moulds each in Synoform. Available in 15 Vita classical shades (without B1), 26 Vita System 3D-Master shades (except Synoform) and 2 bleached shades (0M1, 0M3).
  • Facilitates the tooth selection due to two different occlusal concepts: Cuspiform (fully anatomic, good toothing in centric relation) and Synoform (abraded, slight toothing, narrow);
  • Translucence, opalescence and fluorescence match the natural parameters;
  • Colour fidelity even with low wall thickness in the veneer technique;
  • Shade compatibility with all Vita materials for tooth-coloured restorations;
  • Can be individualised with VM LC flow;
  • Suitable for all common set-up techniques.
  • Vitapan anterior teeth can be combined with Vitapan or Vitapan Lingoform posterior teeth.

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Item number: 130.M1L112
 26,10 €

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