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VITA Vitapan Lingoform Posteriors, A1, Form 21U - 1 set
Multi-functional range of posterior teeth made from MRP material (microfiller reinforced polyacrylic). For all common set-up techniques (including lingualised occlusion). The flatter, pre-adapted occlusal surfaces of the lower moulds show patient-adjusted inclinations of cusps. The slightly deeper occlusal reliefs of the upper teeth are lifelike recaptured. Vitapan Lingoform teeth can be combined with Vita Physiodens, Vitapan, Vitapan Plus and Vitapan Excell anterior teeth. Available in 26 Vita System 3D-Master shades, 1 bleached shade (0M3), 15 Vita classical shades (without B1) and 4 different upper/lower jaw forms each.
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Item number: 22A.121O2
 22,80 €

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