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Gebdi Tribos 501 Anteriors, A1, Form LV1 LJ - 1 set
Three-layer, with transversally cross-linked PMMA structure, manufactured in the special condensation process "Mega-Press-Inject". Very high colour stability, low plaque susceptibility as well as optimum surface density and hardness with an outstanding resistance against abrasion.
The shape range consists of 16 upper anterior moulds and 9 lower anterior moulds. Available in 16 shades A1-D4 and 1 bleach shade BL3.
  • Harmonic and natural surface characteristic;
  • Almost loss-free preservation of the tooth shade after processing;
  • Individual age-related translucence can be achieved by adjusting the incisal shape;
  • V-shapes with closure of the interdental triangles with natural corpus-emphatic design – can be set up individually;
  • V-shapes with function-orientated moulding of the palatal and lingual areas.

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Item number: 34L.V1UA12
 21,90 €

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