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Gebdi Tribos 501 Posteriors, A1, Form PM UJ - 1 set
Three-layer, with transversally cross-linked PMMA structure, manufactured in the special condensation process "Mega-Press-Inject". Very high colour stability, low plaque susceptibility as well as optimum surface density and hardness with an outstanding resistance against abrasion.
The shape range consists of 7 upper posterior and lower posterior moulds each. Available in 16 shades A1-D4 and 1 bleach shade BL3.
Three design morphologies can be selected:
  • Primary morphology: without functional pattern with selective contact relation, particularly applicable in the field of implantology.
  • Secondary morphology: first larger contact relations with initial functional pattern, basally reduced.
  • Secondary morphology abrasive: large area contact relations and functional pattern with low cuspidal inclination; basally tunnel-shaped design.
  • Optimum interdental spaces due to the shape of the tooth body;
  • Set-up methodology straightforward comprehensible;
  • Very nice occlusal design because of the adoption of the occlusal compass from the natural wax-up technique.

Colour system A1-D4
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Item number: 35P.MOA12
 19,60 €

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