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VITA Vitapan Plus Anteriors, A1, Form L33 - 1 set
Very abrasion-resistant anterior teeth made from MRP material (microfiller reinforced polyacrylic). The Vitapan Plus anterior teeth can be combined with the Physiodens, Vitapan Lingoform and Vitapan posterior teeth. The mould range consists of 18 upper anterior teeth in 4 shape groups and 6 lower anterior moulds. Available in 15 Vita classical shades (without B1) and 26 Vita System 3D-Master shades and 2 bleached shades (0M1, 0M3).
  • Whitish incisal spaces for a natural reproduction of aesthetics;
  • Opalescence, luminescence and translucence for a multi-faceted play of colours;
  • Authentic surface morphology and individual mamelon structure for a lively light reflexion;
  • Horizontal and vertical curvature characteristics for an effective support of the lip to preserve the individual physiognomy;
  • Natural-identical shape of the palatal areas to maintain the phonetic and the used tongue feeling;
  • Marked angle characteristics for a natural appearing and aesthetically convincing result;
  • Type-relevant labial shape of the margins to stress the patient's individuality;
  • Slightly broadened cervical areas with a smooth transition from tooth neck to crown for a well-proportioned design of the interdental areas with a good cover of possible construction elements;
  • Multi-facetted, age-related and hygiene-friendly gingival wax-up with a secure interdental closure.

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Item number: 71A.1L332
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