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VITA Vitapan Excell Anteriors, A1, Form L33 - 1 set
Highly aesthetic anterior teeth made from abrasion-resistant MRP material (microfiller reinforced polyacrylic). For full, partial and implant-supported prosthetics. The Vitapan Excell anteriors can be combined with Vitapan Lingoform posteriors. The mould range consists of 17 upper anterior moulds in 4 shape groups and 5 lower anterior moulds.
  • Highly aesthetic anterior teeth with brilliant vibrancy in shape, shade and light play;
  • Reliable shade reproduction due to outstanding colour fidelity to the shade guide;
  • Excellent solution for highly aesthetic full, partial denture and implant prosthetics;
  • Lifelike morphology and surface texture;
  • Three-dimensional anatomic build-up in multiple layers and harmonious shade transition from the cervical to the incisal area;
  • Broad palatal ridges support the optimum shaping of the papillae;
  • Perfect tooth axis and angular characteristics for an easy and harmonious set-up;
  • Extraordinary abrasion stability.

Available in 15 Vita classical shades (without B1).
 the item is available on short notice
Item number: 76A.1L332
 27,90 €

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