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Dreve Siliform Special Silicone, A+B - 2 x 850 ml
The denture casting technique is a time saving, rational system. All components are well-priced, the introduction into the system is rather easy, the results convince in terms of function, aesthetics and fit. After casting, the partial and full dentures require little treatment. The special casting resin also proves first quality in terms of long-life durability.
Low viscous, addition-curing, for the resin casting technique. To be used for the investment of dentures in the Castdon technique (not for duplicating technique). Final hardness approx. 14 Shore A; dosage 1 : 1; A = white, B = yellow.
  • Excellent reproduction of details;
  • Almost shrinkage-free, for the reproduction of the wax modellation true to the original;
  • Slightly oily surface film, thus excellent flowing property of the casting resin.

2 x 850 ml
Item number: 14250
 42,75 €

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